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Tax alert

Tax alert No.26892 GDT

Notification on the cessation of E-Vat refund system with the replacement of E-Filing system

The General Department of Taxation (“GDT”) of Ministry of Economy and Finance is honored to inform you, Mr. and Ms. Director or the owners of the enterprise, and taxpayers that the GDT previously launched the E-VAT Refund System under Instruction no. 001 MEF dated 09 January 2019. Then, through Instruction no. 003 MEF dated 27 February 2020, we provided taxpayers the choice to use either of E-VAT refund or E-Filing system to fulfill tax returns obligation.


In order to strengthen better service provision to taxpayers, ensure efficiency, transparency, convenience, and ​quickness in fulfilling tax payment and submission obligations, the GDT has decided to cease the E-VAT Refund System by replacing E-Filing System from 01 January 2021 onward. After this, you can use the function of E-VAT Refund through the E-Filing System.


The General Department of Taxation strongly hopes that you all will participate and encourage of using the E-Filing System effectively.